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Condition: Window caulking is deteriorated

Explanation: The window caulking is observed to be deteriorated. Caulking that is cracked embrittled or missing requires preventative maintenance actions to ensure the window frames will maintain a weathertight seal at the junction areas of window frame through the exterior wall.

Impact/Consequences: Caulking at window frames serves several functions including preventing air water and pest infiltration and restricting heat loss or gain through the exterior wall. Moisture has the greatest potential for damage; unintended water infiltration into the house can cause significant damage to surfaces and property and if not corrected may lead to damage and rot to structural elements. Caulking repairs are required at the noted location(s) and should be performed at the earliest opportunity. Preventative maintenance should include reviewing and repairing exterior caulking at doors windows and wall penetrations at least twice a year.

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